about ningbo fold, you may need to know something

Hey,first i totally understand what you concern and the reason ,because you are always be the final customers for the paper before .And there are some points as below i want to make a clear explanation to you ,no matter you do business with us or not .
1:”NINGBO FOLD” C1S ivory board is a series paper from APP,not just a paper produced in ningbo city , that means no factory can make this same paper ,besides the APP.So if there is someone tell u he can make the same for you , no way , maybe just looks the same , but the quality is entirely different .
And it is widely used for making medicine box both in domestic and overseas ,because it has many Features below:
①High whiteness, good color fastness, good evenness, smooth and delicate surface, excellent printing effect;
②Barcode can be laser printed on special paper (applicable to electronic supervision code of pharmaceuticals);
③High paper strength, excellent stiffness, good box performance, suitable for all kinds of post-processing needs;
④Back can be two-color printing, enhance the packaging image;
⑤The back side has unique antibacterial function, through SGS detection, can effectively inhibit the breeding of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus;
2:APP ,it is a very big factory to produce all kinds of paper ,and it has the top quality paper in the world . And for all the paper factories ,they never do business direct with final customers . they have a lot of agency around the world , and all the agencies have to buy a certain quantity from them per month no matter how they sell in their own market .
And we are one of the agencies , the biggest difference is we do business with APP both in domestic and overseas , our demands are very large so they give us the best price .

3:i get the news today , the price will keep going up in the next long time , it just rised 100 usd per since last Friday(March 10th,2021) . So if u really need it ,just confirm it ASAP,it will save u a lot of money .
And it may down in the future , if u choose to work with us , do not worry , If APP give us a reduced price one day , we will give you a reduced price too . We just earn what we should get .

4:i think some agencies in your market have some stock ,and they can sell you with a very good price , but do you know , if the paper over 3 months since produced ,the quality changes a lot ,such as the color , moisture and so no .So we never suggest our customers store it in a large quantity at once , monthly purchases are best .

5:Never take risks with quality .
What we can do is let you use the less money to get the top quality paper .
We only make as such money as we should .

For your benefits
For our long-term business


Post time: Mar-24-2021